Rocky Mountain News Network

Rocky Mountain News Network Bring the news of the Centennial State to your station with the Rocky Mountain News Network Introducing the Rocky Mountain News Network, the barter-based source for widespread coverage of Colorado news, sports, politics, agriculture, and lifestyle features. Your listeners will have the latest Colorado updates through well crafted and finely delivered daily reports.  In addition to on-air content, RMNN realizes the importance of online content to affiliates.  RMNN affiliates will have access to online content that can be automatically imported into your station's website. RMNN reporters and anchors utilize the power of a statewide radio network to gather information that has the most impact on your listeners.   Key Features Timely news, sports and agriculture reports that affect all of Colorado Well written and delivered reports seven days a week A variety of program options to fit your station's format Major event feature reports, such as winter and summer games, festivals and political/election reports Staff of professional radio and network news anchors and reporters Affiliate portal, complete with rip-n-read text and audio for your local newscast usage Easily contained spots inside of reports to meet barter requirements No monthly fees Simple affidavit process Delivered by XDS platform, providing playback scheduling Content delivered over air may also be incorporated into station's website Stations may join all three networks or choose the combination that best fits the station format 24/7/365 technical support Become a RMNN affiliate today. Contact  or 303-799-7250


(303) 799-7250