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10 Watt C-band IBUC by Terrasat

SKU : 10_Watt_C-band_IBUC_by_Terrasat

Integrated BUC/SSPA for higher performance and reliability.

All models available with integral AC power supply or separate DC power supply.

Guaranteed rated output power across the entire operating temperature range and frequency band.

Low phase noise exceeds IESS308/309 requirements by a minimum of 10 dB.

Embedded Web pages provide management for small networks using any Web browser.

AGC or ALC circuits hold gain or output level constant.

IBUC offers significant benefits

  • Low terminal cost
  • Simple design and installation
  • Superior RF performance
  • Simplified 1 + 1 configuration

The IBUC comes with a complete set of diagnostic tools including:

  • 10 MHz input detector
  • Input voltage and current monitoring
  • Transmit L-Band input level detector
  • Transmit RF output level detector
  • Alarm History


IBUC C-Band Block Upconverter, Standard and Extended C-Band
  • 5.850 - 6.425 GHz (Standard)
  • 5.850 - 6.650 GHz (Extended)
  • FSK M&C capable
  • TCP/IP with embedded wepages and SNMP, RS485, RS232
  • Multifunction LED Indicator
  • Waveguide or N-type output (Specify)
  • Built-in power supply (AC)


L-Band Input      
  Band 1 950 to 1525 MHz
  Band 4 950 to 1750 MHz
  10 W 71 dB min