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Romantis UHP-1000 Hubless TDMA Router (Master)

Romantis UHP-1000 Hubless TDMA Router (Master)


First TDMA Full Mesh technology with bandwidth-efficient LDPC coding

• Innovative TDMA protocol with proven efficiency of 96% in comparison with SCPC channels

• Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms.

• Support of VLAN, multi-level QoS, codec-independent handling of real-time traffic, TCP Acceleration

• Built-in adaptive hierarchic traffic shaper specially designed for VSAT applications Satellite router is capable of receiving signals from two satellites simultaneously

• Web-based Network Management System allows to operate the network from everywhere

• Fast network startup — network is ready for use in less than a minute upon power-up

• Automatic Transmission Level Control compensates link fading caused by local weather conditions

• Low power consumption allows using satellite terminals with alternative power sources

• Compatible with majority of C, Ku and Ka-band RF Systems, supplies power and reference signals

• Easy to install and operate hardware, user-friendly software configuration

• Upgradable by just a software key to support other modes of operations: SCPC, TDM/SCPC, TDM/TDMA