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Save Money and Uplink Better

Welcome to clean, reliable radio uplinking. Your way.

Raw Bandwidth starting as low as $1,049/month for 200 OBW

Hosted Distribution Services starting as low as $45 per hour - $2,315/month

Via Satellite or Internet

Use the best equipment within your budget

Work with experts that will help customize a solution for you

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Restoral Services - Emergency and Planned Uplinking

Satellite Uplink Emergency Restoral Services

Uplink downtime? 

OMNi helps you stay on the air, even during planned maintenance, by uplinking your programming from our NOC while your system is serviced.  

Restoral packages start at $80/day and are readily available for XDS, 2WCom, and Comstream systems. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Clients may backhaul content to OMNi via a variety of methods including ISDN, IP, Stream or other codec. For most reliable results we recommend the APT Horizon with SureStream utilizing two separate IP circuits, with a supplemental Digi One Compact Server device.

IP Over Satellite

Internet. Anywhere.

Fast, reliable Internet an absolute requirement? Hi-speed satellite delivers IP access instantly regardless of the local infrastructure or location.

Single user up to large mobile networks.

Setup roof-top, mountainside, or in the middle of the desert.


 Fixed Site Internet

 Mobile Site Internet

Banking and Financial Services  Disaster Recovery 
 Remote Site Monitoring Fire and Rescue 
Audio Transmitter Backup  Remote News Gathering
High-Security Environments  Insurance Claim Investigations
Remote Offices and Housing  Outdoor Events 
Mining, Oil, & Gas Industry   Defense and Homeland Security
 Hospital, Healthcare, & Education  

Echostar 9 coverage

Raw Satellite Bandwidth - SCPC Services

Raw Bandwidth Services

Independent SCPC Uplinking

SCPC services allows you to reach your market at the lowest possible monthly cost while continuing to maintain your own C Band or Ku Band uplink.  Your programming is sent over a single channel to one or more receiving sites.   OMNi is an authorized dealer for all the top brands of SCPC equipment.

Raw Bandwidth isn't just for radio; we also supply services to TV, Paging, and Occasional use customers.  Primary services reside on SES-11, SES-3 (formerly AMC-1), SES-1. However, OMNi can broker services on virtually any satellite.

X-Digital has recently come out with a new line of receivers designed specifically for small SCPC carriers and low - kHz applications. Take a look at the XDS Pro1R and the XDS Pro4R satellite receivers.


Colocation Rack Space

We offer affordable, secured colocation services located in a 24 x 7 monitored facility.  All equipment is protected with both UPS and diesel power generation.  Separate cooling zones with over 120 tons of cooling maintain constant temperature and humidity control.

Rack space can be leased on a per rack unit basis up to full cabinets with both internet connection and managed power.  Multiple internet service entry points provide reliable "Always On" service.  OMNi technicians are available for hands-and-eyes support as needed.

Talk to us about Colocation

Colocation Rack

Hosted Satellite Distribution - MCPC for XDS and 2WCom

Hosted Satellite Distribution using XDS - Shared Satellite Services

Hosted distribution on XDS is the most popular and efficient way to reach a large affiliate base with as many channels as desired.  While maintaining your own uplink has been the most economical in the past, if you are on an old system like Comstream with potentially devastating outages just one or two equipment failures away, it may be worth your peace of mind to consider hosted distribution. 

Your radio programming is sent to OMNi's Denver Network Operations Center using a backhual device of your choosing (for best results, we recommend a pair of  APT Horizons with Surestream). Your content is then distributed to your affiliate base via C-Band or Ku-Band through our triple-redundant facility and impressive antenna farm.  We specialize in X-Digital distribution, but we also have many happy clients utilizing the 2WCom platform.  Save time and money by using only the space and services you need - you can contact our satellite service representative to see if our services are a good fit for your network.

Our MCPC service offers power, encoding, and transmission redundancy to keep your network up and running. We boast a 24/7/365 NOC staffed with XDS experts, ready to help you and your affiliates at any time of day or night. 

Interested in additional services? With XDS Hosted distribution, you have access to:

  • Regionalized Spot Insertions / Copy Splitting
  • IP Streaming Backup
  • Evergreen Content Recording Backup
  • IP over Satellite STL Backup
  • the XNMS, the easy-to-use interface where you and your affiliates can schedule programs and look at XDS receiver health.

Clients utilizing our Hosted Distribution services include:

  • United Stations Radio Network
  • IMG College Sports
  • Tesh Media
  • North Carolina News Network
  • Cafe Nashville
  • RFD Radio Network
  • CSN International
  • Jimmy Swaggart
  • Saturday Night Gold
  • Norman Goldman
  • Numerous Professional Sports Leagues

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