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Affordable, satellite based STL recovery and transmitter facility monitoring is now available for radio stations across the United States.

OMNiShield is backed by the 24.7 network operations center at Orbital Media Networks, providing reliable disaster recovery solutions for your stations.

Orbital Media Networks, Inc. provides multiple service levels ranging from standby to full-time.

How It Works: A .98m antenna and modem are installed at your transmitter site.  Depending on your contract level, the service provides full-time monitoring or standby only service.  In the event your traditional STL connection fails, your site will be placed in a disaster recovery mode, providing near real-time audio streaming from your studio to your transmitter site.  Options are also available which would allow operators to store audio at our hardened data-center which could be routed to your transmitter site in the event of studio failure.  OMNiShield’s goal is to prevent downtime for broadcasters.


Setup Options

Recovery system at transmitter site only.


Recovery system at transmitter and studio.


Recovery system at transmitter site with backup audio stored at OMNi’s Denver, CO data-center.


Services start at $30 per month

One-time hardware purchase required
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