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X-Digital Hosted Platform

The X-Digital hosted platform is supported and operated by OMNi from our Denver, CO facility.

The system currently operates on AMC-8 at 139 degrees on Transponder 21 as well as AMC-18 at 105 degrees. The system will operate exclusively on AMC-18 when the transition period ends on July 30, 2017.


C-Band (AMC-8)

Downlink L-Band C/F: 1024000

Symbol Rate: 5000000


C-Band (AMC-18)

Downlink L-Band C/F: 1017500

Symbol Rate: 5000000


KU Band:

Downlink L-Band C/F: 953600

Symbol Rate: 899900


The following user documentation is available: 

Pro-1 Quick Start Guide

Pro-1 User Guide

Pro-4 Quick Start Guide

Pro-4 User Guide

Affiliate Receiver Website

Network Discovery Tool - Download

For assistance with your XDS receiver on the OMNI network, please contact our 24 x 7 operations center at 303-925-1708 Option 1.

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