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Project: Man Cave

Project: Man Cave is the lifestyle show for modern men and women who shy away from mainstream radio in favor of NPR-style content and podcasts. This fun, creative program is all about the comradery among men and women who are carving out their own space for relaxation, cutting loose, and enjoying the finer things in life.

Every week we discuss topics that are pertinent to cave dwellers everywhere: Beer, cigars, home improvement projects, vehicles, home entertainment systems, and kick ass food – it’s all fair game. This creates a strong marketing opportunity for local businesses who want to play to a primed audience, inspired to go out for a drink, build out their man cave, or buy the new Mustang GT. Hardware stores, local breweries and restaurants, car dealerships, sporting events, cigar shops, and sports & outdoors stores, among others would benefit from advertising to our audience.


To further boost audience engagement, Project: Man Cave generates content on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Website which can be shared through your branded social media networks to further drive audience participation and loyalty. Men and women alike will connect with our humorous discussions amongst the primary cast, as well as the many great guests we have on tap. Brewers, engineers, doctors, bartenders, entertainers, chefs, and more will join us to contribute to our conversation, reply to audience questions, and share great stories.

Isn’t it about time you built your Man Cave?

Project: Man Cave Demo

Program clock may be downloaded here.

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