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Advantech 5100 Series SIT
  • Advantech 5100 Series SIT
  • Advantech 5100 Series SIT
  • Advantech 5100 Series SIT

Advantech 5100 Series SIT

SKU : SIT-N002-50643362

Advantech 5100 Series SIT - NO LONGER PRODUCED

The Advantech SIT 5100 is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Advantech 4120 SIT and the Advantech 5120 SIT, depending on your needs.

What's the difference between the Advantech 4120 and the Advantech 5120?

The Advantech 5120 SIT is the more advanced model, the primary difference being that it can be used with an auto-deployable vsat antenna. The Advantech 4120 SIT (the less expensive model) does not have that capability.


Advantech Satellite Networks SatNet S5100 VSAT terminals are DVB-RCS compliant. They are optimized to achieve high performance and quick response time for enterprise and governmental applications.
The terminal has been designed with all key IP features to fulfill all the needs of an enterprise. The 19-inch rack mountable form factor makes it ideal for high end use. The S5100 offers powerful connectivity directly to the LAN/WAN environment or directly to a host computer.


GUI based control panel
Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity to your PC, LAN or Router
On board TCP and HTTP acceleration
Application QoS
VoIP support
VPN and accelerated VPN support (optional)
VLAN support 
Easy and simple installation
19 inch rack mountable

Sample Applications

Internet/Intranet Access, Email, File Transfer, Video Conferencing, VoIP, Video Streaming, Backup Services, Backhauling, Private Networking, Distance Learning, Remote Offices and Remote Video Surveillance


This product require satellite service to operate. You must have either a mobile or fixed Ku antenna. See our IP over Satellite service plans.

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