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Birdog USB Satellite Locator

Birdog USB Satellite Locator


Birdog USB Satellite Locator

This product by Perfect 10 Satellite is a must-have if you are planning an antenna repoint or need to fine tune your satellite dish. It can be used to find any geostationary satellite, so you can use it to tune any radio or tv antenna.


• Spectrum Analyzer - Clear and easy to use
• QPSK constellation diagram - Detailed diagnosis of digital satellite signals
• Custom Carrier - Create your own file while on site and see it ‘lock’
• Data Log - Upload your installation readings to  your pc
• LNB / cable test - Measure for open or short circuit in LNB & cable
• Dual display for DTV 101/119 - See two satellites at one time, also works with SWM
• DTV SWM histogram function - Up to 9 simultaneous carrier (frequency) measurements
• USB Connectivity
• Easy-to-Read Display with Digital Enhanced Graphics
• Twice the Satellite Memory Positions
• One-Touch Buttons - Easy to Use
• More Battery Life - Over 2 Hours on Full Charge
• Spanish Language Display Option
• Recalls Last Satellite Position upon Power-up
• With Digital Data Stream Identification
• C auto charger specs 12V, 2AMP, 2.1mm Jack, Positive center, Negative outside

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