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APT Horizon IP Codec
  • APT Horizon IP Codec
  • APT Horizon IP Codec
  • APT Horizon IP Codec
  • APT Horizon IP Codec

APT Horizon IP Codec


WorldCast APT IP Codec

The APT IP Codec (formerly known as WorldCast Horizon NextGen) offers the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range and features both their revolutionary SureStream technology and intelligent ScriptEasy scripting. In addition, this IP audio codec also offers a wide range of algorithms as standard on a solid DSP platform with dual IP ports and redundant power supplies. Despite the high feature density, the APT IP Codec is extremely competitively priced.

Perfect for STLs and mission-critical applications, the APT IP Codec provides extensive control and monitoring capabilities to manage your audio, data and network conditions and other equipment located at the transmitter site.

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Delivering Exceptional Audio Quality

Professional duplex stereo IP audio codec at an affordable price

Wide range of algorithms: Enhanced apt-X algorithm, Linear PCM, MPEG Layer 3, CBR

Support for MPEG 4 AAC HE V1/2*, MPEG 2/4 AAC LC*#, MPEG 4 AAC LD/ELD

Ensuring Extensive Connectivity

High quality audio transport over IP networks using RTP/UDP and SIP/SDP

Dual IP ports configurable for back up

Embedded Auxiliary data for transmission of RBDS / RDS or PAD

Up to 4 Opto-coupled Inputs and up to 4 Relay Outputs


Dual AC Power Supply
SureStream Software: Allows for the utilization of two separate internet streams for industry-leading reliability.