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3 Watt Ku-Band BUC, NJT8302

3 Watt Ku-Band BUC, NJT8302

SKU : BUC-N013-NJT8302
* BUC Connector Type:

This 3 watt Ku BUC by NJRC (New Japan Radio Co) is a budget-friendly, reliable BUC for Ku-Band VSAT satellite systems. NJR is comparable to the Norsat brand in quality and price.
The NJT8302 block upconverter is available with either an F-type connector ( NJT8302F ) or an N-Type connector ( NJT8302N ) - please be sure to select the correct connector type for your needs.

Standard Ku Band 14.0 - 14.5 GHz
Local Frequency 13.05 GHz
IF Frequency 950 - 1,450 MHz
Power Supply +12 to +30 V DC Power

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