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APT IP Silver Decoder

APT IP Silver Decoder

SKU : DEC-N003-TFP0104~A1
APT IP Silver Add-Ons:

Worldcast APT IP Silver Decoder

Worldcast's new APT IP Silver series provides budget friendly encoding and decoding in separate devices that do not skimp on quality. SureStream software allows for the utilization of two separate internet circuits for superior reliability.


Low cost separate encoder and decoder

SureStream technology as standard

Virtual IP port extensions and VLAN

Professional range of algorithms as standard

Compact 1/2 RU design – fit two units in 1U rack space 

Compatible with APT & NACIP-compliant codecs

Dynamic DNS Client

Bi-directional UDP stream forwarding on Encoder and Decoder

UPnP Support for NAT gateway configuration

Net security features by firewall capability

Intuitive web interface

Quiet, no-fan operation

Reliable DSP-based architecture

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