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XDS Pro1-R Satellite Receiver
  • XDS Pro1-R Satellite Receiver
  • XDS Pro1-R Satellite Receiver

XDS Pro1-R Satellite Receiver

Brand : ATX Pico Digital

X-Digital Pro1R Satellite Audio Receiver

At the forefront of satellite audio equipment, X-Digital receivers have replaced Starguide and Comstream as the most affordable and most user-friendly audio broadcast receivers on the market today. Each XDS receiver offers access to the XNMS, an extremely valuable tool for radio network and affiliates to schedule programs, monitor receiver health, set one-time "event" programs, and much more.

Looking for a multi-channel XDS receiver? See the XDS Pro4R.
Don't need low-kHz capabilities? See the XDS Pro1Q or the XDS Pro4Q.
  • Low bitrate down to 100 Ksps (optional), 256 Ksps standard
  • Can fit in a 150 kHz carrier (optional), 400 kHz standard
  • DVB S/S2
  •  L-Band QPSK/8PSK
  •  MPEG, AAC decoder
  •  Receives live IP streams
  •  Store and forward
  •  Record/ and Insertion of media
  •  System support for over 500 channels
  •  One balanced audio outputs
  •  Multiple decodes cross mixed
  •  Audio input for network automation
  •  1 PAD output ports
  •  16 relays (fixed & net relay)
  •  One 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports w/VLAN
  •  10/100BaseT Ethernet WAN port
  •  DHCP, NFS, HTTP, Telnet
  •  Alarm port and M&C via RS232
  •  In-Field firmware upgradable
  •  Standard XML interfaces
  • Remote control via XNMS


Features Available with Service Plan:

MPEG, AAC decoder

Store and forward

Record/ and Insertion of media

Remote control via XNMS

Regionalized Spot Insertion / Copy Splitting (with Hosted Distribution)

IP Streaming Backup (with Hosted Distribution)


The X-Digital Pro1-R Receiver is our most highly recommended single-channel receiver for use on smaller SCPC carriers as well as on larger MCPC carriers.