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IP Audio

BRIC-Link Point-to-Point IP Audio Conversion by Comrex

The Comrex BRIC-Link is a low-cost, high-performance ...

Barix Exstreamer 100: IP Audio Decoder

A versatile network audio decoder for a variety of ...

Barix Exstreamer 1000

A versatile network device that can function either as an ...

Barix - Annuncicom 1000

Versatile, standards-based, professional IP Intercom and ...

APT WorldCast Equinox Audio Codec

A multi-algorithm, fully duplex, stereo audio codec ...

QBIT Q561 IP Audio Encoder

Audio Encoder/Decoder/Codec for up to 8 stereo channels

Barix - Barionet 50

I/O device server with 2 serial ports, 8 digital I/O and ...

WorldCast Horizon NextGen

The most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s ...

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