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40 Watt Ku BUC by Wavestream

40 Watt Ku BUC
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The matchbox family of outdoor KU-band BUC’s provides unmatched efficiency and performance in the smallest and lightest package in the SATCOM industry. When a 5.4”x4.4”x9.8” package, Wavestream’s Spatial Power Advantage has enabled any mobile, flyaway orVSAT system to apply up to 40W P1dB directly at the feed.

The Matchbox family alos offers forward power monitoring, 20dB of step attenuation, serial RS-485 or optional Ethernet control interface and a choice of IF and prime power connector locations for broad system configuration flexibility.

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Tx Frequency 14.0-14.5 GHz
IF Frequency 950-1450 MHz
Frequency Reference External 10 MHz
P1dB Output Power >46 dBm
Rated Power 46 dBm
Small Signal Gain 75 dB nominal
DC Power  
DC Power 295 W
  at 3 dB back-off 260 W
Prime Power 48 V
IF Port Connector Type N Female
IF Input Impedence 50 ohms
RF Port Connector WR-75
DC & M&C Connector 32 Pin Military Circular
LED Indicators Summary Fault (RED)
  Loss of Lock (YEL)


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