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100W Ku-Band BUC by Wavestream

100W Ku-Band BUC
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The PowerStream™ Ku-band 100W Block Upconverter (BUC) offers high linear power in a compact, light weight "pack and go" package suitable for clamshell mobile antennas, high definition Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles and small broadcast service hubs. The 100W Ku-band BUC can be mounted directly onto the feed arm of medium aperture antennas, maximizing the power into the feed and enhancing system-level efficiency. With an Instant On feature, there is no warm up time, ensuring communications are up and running immediately.

•  Higher output power with less energy usage
•  Compact product footprint to meet critical    space and  weight limitations
•  Proven reliability and efficiency
•  Reduced lifecycle maintenance costs
•  Flexible power source
•  Instant on, no warm up time
•  1:1 Redundancy Kits available


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