MCR Satellite Receiver

Powerful satellite receiver for SCPC and MCPC distribution.
XtremeSat Media MCR powered by 2Wcom

Transportation Inputs

  • DVB-S/S2 100ksym/s – 45Msym/s – easily grow from SCPC to MCPC

  • Shoutcast backup audio source with network cues 

  • Auto fail over support for RF to IP.  On-board storage available for pre-recorded content and RF failure.

Audio Output

  • Balanced analog and digital AES/EBU outputs (all on XLR connectors) 

Audio Decoding

  • AA-LCC & AAC+ HE v1 & v2

  • MPEG 1 & 2, Layers I, II, III

Serial Data (e.g. RDS, PAD, DRM)

  • Three RS232 db9 connectors 

Network Cues

  • Eight network cue relays

  • Relays synchronized with audio +/- 40msec

  • Relays triggered by Optos on Uplink Encoder, or directly by RCS NexGen or other automation systems (using UDP or serial) 


  • RF and MPEG parameters via webpage, SNMP v2c

  • Receiver status reports for units with internet connectivity

MCR101, comes with One Stereo Out on 2 XLR connectors
MCR202, comes with Two Stereo Outs on 4 XLR connectors



-  Standard:  8 Relays  

-  16 Relays                   Optional


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